What CDVI apps are available?

Our smartphone apps are designed to make installing and using CDVI solutions easier. Whether it’s giving installers the power to program remotely, or giving a company’s entire body of staff the flexibility of mobile credentials, we’ve got an app for it. CDVI apps are always available for free on both iOS and Android marketplaces and are routinely updated to squash bugs and improve functionality.

In some cases, our assistance apps will only be compatible with smartphones from a certain model onwards – for example, our Mobile-PASS smartphone credentials will only work in ‘scan’ mode if your device is equipped with NFC. If you have a question about one of our apps or you need technical support, get in touch with our expert team – we’ll be happy to help!


What products is it for? GALEO-4.0 Bluetooth-enabled keypad.

Who uses the app? The installers and owners of the access control system, and/or the residents or incumbents of the site.

What does it do? Installers and owners can program and fully configure the keypad remotely. Residents can use the app to gain access without having to touch the keypad, as well as creating and sharing temporary codes for visitors.


What products is it for? The DIGIWAY Plus and DIGIWAY SR automatic swing door operators.

Who uses the app? The installer of the DIGIWAY door operator.

What does it do? Instead of fiddling with the buttons on the operator (that is usually installed in an inconvenient place out of arm’s reach), the app mirrors the readout of the operator’s LCD screen, so you can program from a comfy chair instead. DIGIWAY operators have built-in Bluetooth connection, making programming and fault finding so much easier.

VDP Connect

What products is it for? The 2EASY video door entry range.

Who uses the app? The end user of the 2EASY system.

What does it do? When visitors approach and start a call from the 2EASY door station, the call can be diverted to a smartphone. Residents can then see and speak to visitors before deciding whether to remotely unlock the door or deny access.


What products is it for? The ATRIUM online access control solution.

Who uses the app? The installer or administrator of the ATRIUM system.

What does it do? The app makes it easy for the installer to locate a particular ATRIUM controller on the site LAN, with no waiting around for IT support. Once the desired controller has been located, simply click on it to navigate to the integrated web server’s login page.


What products is it for? Mobile credentials for ATRIUM online access control.

Who uses the app? The end users of the ATRIUM system.

What does it do? Mobile-PASS combines simplicity with robust security, allowing authorised users to unlock doors with their smartphone. There are five different ways to validate the user’s identity prior to unlocking the door. Note that the Scan mode will only work if the mobile device is equipped with NFC technology.

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Need some help or got a question about our apps?

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