What are magnetic pull handles?

Magnetic pull handles are aluminium housings with electro-magnetic locks built in. The electro-magnets are mounted onto the door frame side, while the armature plates are mounted onto the door leaf as part of a sleek, attractive aluminium handle.

When the electro-magnet is activated, the armature plate and the magnets hold fast together, keeping the door secure. When maglocks are installed at the top of a door frame, there is a risk of the door being bent, misaligned, or damaged by people forcing or kicking the door at the bottom. With magnetic handles, the strength of the maglocks is spread along the long edge of the door, providing a much more secure and durable solution.


The most eco-friendly pull handles in the world

Over the past few years, we have completely overhauled the entire manufacturing process for our magnetic handles. 

From the base materials that the handle housings are made from, right through to the way we package them for shipping to customers, we’re doing everything we can to make ecological improvements.



Eco-friendly aluminium 

We selected a new type of aluminium called Reduxa® for our handles. Reduxa® is specially designed to be a low-carbon aluminium, manufactured using renewable energy from solar, wind, and hydroelectric sources.

The carbon footprint of Reduxa® aluminium is less than a quarter of the global average. Compared to our previous supplier of aluminium, emissions from the production of Reduxa® are five times lower. This saves 450 tons of CO2 every single year – that’s enough for 100 car trips around the planet!

Less packaging and less wasteful processes
Less harmful emissions in the manufacturing process
Less packing tape and better efficiency

Reducing printing and packaging

We identified that there were huge savings to be made in the packaging of our magnetic pull handles. The results of these changes are huge. Every year, we are now saving:

  • 5000m2 of cardboard – which would cover 25 tennis pitches.
  • 20km of packing tape – the height of the Elizabeth Tower at the Houses of Parliament 208 times.
  • 100m3 of foam wedges – the equivalent volume of one person’s water consumption for two years.
A closeup of an engineer's hands and the side of a door as they use a screwdriver to screw a lock faceplate into position

Interested in magnetic pull handles?

Our eco-friendly magnetic pull handles are a strong and stylish locking solution. Find out how to buy them or where your nearest installer is: